Each month technology work from a grade level will be highlighted!

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Use Your UYN! 

Grade 1 and 2

Do you know how to UYN? Well our 1st and 2nd graders can tell you how to Use Your Netsmartz! 

  1. Tell a trusted adult if anything makes them feel sad, scared or confused online.
  2. Do not share personal information online. Like your name, address or phone number.
  3. Do not meet face to face with anyone that you meet online!
  4. Always use good netiquette and do not be rude or mean online!
Each student completed a series of Internet Safety lessons and earned a certificate of completion and signed an Internet Safety pledge. Throughout the year we revisit all the Internet Safety topics and make sure we are UYN!

Technology Is Important

Grade 5

After discussing advances in technology over time, the students in 5th grade would like to share what they feel are the top technological advances in human history.

Technology Past, Present and Future 

Grade 3 & 4

Students in 3rd and 4th grade have become inventors. After learning about the history of computers and different technologies each student came up with a new technology that they would like to invent or see invented. Throughout the school year we look at new inventions and technological advancements.

 Parts of the Computer

Grade 1

Do you know the parts of a computer and what they do? Ask a first grader and they can tell you that each part of the computer is like a part of our body. 

Exploring Different Countires

Grade 2

As part of a collaborative project with the library, students in 2nd grade will be recording a podcast about a country that they studied in Library Class. Each student researched a country of their heritage and turned their research into a written script that they then recorded in Technology Class using Tool Factory, our podcasting software. Please check out our podcasts on our Podcasts By The Sea page by clicking on the picture.

Ancient Civilizations

Grade 5

 After studying the architecture of the Aztec, Inca and Mayan civilizations each student put their own spin on building a temple using Google Sketch Up, a 3-D design tool, to design their own piece of history.

Celebrating the Olympics


Students in Kindergarten have been celebrating the Olympics in Technology class by creating medals, designing flags and graphing our favorite sports all using our favorite application Kidpix!